B flat Trumpet "Stradivarius style" by CarolBrass

B flat Trumpet "Stradivarius style" by CarolBrass

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CarolBrass® 5000series "Silver-Light", The Light Weight Version.

Model:                 CTR-5060L-YSS
Key:                    Bb
Finishing:             Lacquer
Bore:                   ML 0.460"
Bell:                    Yellow brass & wire rim soldered
Bell size:             S 5.000"
Bell thickness:     S (Standard) 
Leadpipe:             "Sterling Silver"
*Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow tuning slide
*1st tuning slide fixed finger ring 
*3rd tuning slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw


Also come with:

Black Backpacker bag
CarolBrass® 3C motuhpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
Valve oil
Tuning slide grease
*Squared main tuning slide
*Super thin finger button set