C Trumpet by CarolBrass

C Trumpet by CarolBrass

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2016-2017 New Professional C key trumpet model CTR-6580H-GLS(D)-C-S. This special C trumpet is designed based on Bb trumpet model CTR-6580H-GSS which is probably the heaviest weight trumpet within CarolBrass product range. This C trumpet comes with double walled large leadpipe and tuning slides and custom made gold brass large flare extra wide bell (5.25" diameter). These features provide player strong base of creating large, full, rich and powerful sound.

Model: CTR-6580H-GLS(D)-C-S

Key: C

Finishing: Silver plated

Bore: ML 0.460" (11.70m/m)

Bell size: Large (72)  5.25" (135.00m/m)

Bell material: Gold brass

Double walled nickel silver leadpipe

Double walled nicker silver/ yellow brass outer/ inner tuning slide

Accessories: 3C mouthpiece, black leather-like sewing case, valve oil, tuning slide grease, cleaning cloth

                     Squared main tuning slide, super-thin finger button, warranty booklet